Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday Book Review: Remedial Rocket Science, by Susannah Nix

Remedial Rocket Science, by Susannah Nix
Published 2017 by Haver Street Press

About the Book:
Opposites attract when a computer geek meets billionaire bad boy.

The last thing Melody expects when she accepts a dream job offer is to run into her college one-night stand again. Not only does the hunky blast from her past work at the same aerospace company where she’s just started in the IT department, he’s the CEO’s son.

Jeremy’s got a girlfriend and a reputation as a bad boy, so Melody resolves to keep her distance and focus on building a new life for herself in Los Angeles. But despite her good intentions, she can’t seem to stay away from the heavenly-smelling paragon of hotness.

As the two begin to forge an unlikely friendship, Melody’s attraction to Jeremy grows deeper than she’s ready to admit. Can the woman who always plays it safe take a risk on the man who’s all wrong for her in all the right ways?

This slow-burn sweet romance is the first in a series of standalone rom-coms featuring heroines who work in STEM fields.
My Take:

I admit that I had a hard time getting into this story for the first few pages, and put it down once or twice. Once I sat down and gave it a chance, it sucked me in and didn't let me stop until I'd binged the entire thing and was looking up the author online to find more.

Susannah Nix writes with heart and humor, and gives us a smart heroine (MIT smart) who needs to develop her sassy side - which she does. And it's awesome. The rich boy hero starts out as a bit of a cardboard figure, who also develops emotions over the course of the story. Also quite awesomely accomplished. So yeah, awesome is probably the most apt adjective to use to describe this book.

Simply awesome.

There's a whole lot of twisted relationships (who's friends with whom and whatnot) but throughout the story, the friendship between Melody and Jeremy develops passed their one night stand into friendship into something more. My only beef with the story is that it's all in Melody's third person POV. I really would've enjoyed some he said/she said back and forth, but staying totally in Melody's head also leaves the reader as unsure about Jeremy's motives and actions as the heroine herself. So yeah, the pages were turning faster and faster trying to figure out where it was all headed.

I've found another author of strong women/smart romance to add to my growing list of recommended authors, along with Julie James, Penny Reid, and my original favorite, Jennifer Crusie.

And on the plus side, there are a few more of these standalone smart romance stories by Susannah Nix already published, so you can totally spend a weekend binging. Or hide under your desk at work with your e-reader. Not that I've ever done that. But, you know, I've heard it works.

Grab a copy on AMAZON    ...and as of this writing the book is free so grab it now!

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