Sunday, May 10, 2020

NEW RELEASE! Grab it Quick for 99 cents!

My latest Cape Cod romance releases this week on Amazon for Kindle - and you can grab it NOW, and all this week, for only 99 cents! It's part of the Hot Hunks ~ Steamy Romance series, and this is the third set this talented group of authors have put together for your reading pleasure.

My last six stories have been set on Cape Cod, in the small town of Chatham with this group of friends and family I created and have come to love. Ed is one of eight MacDonald cousins - all boys - who grew up calling Chatham their hometown. He's appeared in every one of the stories so far, and a reader asked me if he was ever going to get his own happily ever after.

Yes. Yes he is.

Here's the blurb about my story:

Ed MacDonald lost the only woman he’d ever loved to cancer three years ago. A single dad and small town cop, his options for dating are limited by circumstance and gossip, but he’s okay with that. Ed knows he’s already had his happy ending, even if it didn’t last forever. Except… as his cousins and friends start finding love, it makes him wonder. Could there be someone else out there for him?

The ink on the divorce papers is finally dry, and Claire Masters wants a fresh start. Moving to a new state and a new school district, she goes on a blind date and gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. Sexy and sensitive, Ed seems like everything she’s always wanted in a guy… until she realizes he’s the father of one of her students. A girl who’s been telling Claire troubling things about her home life. Can she reconcile the man she’s falling for with the monster her student describes?

Whether it's an unexpected discovery, a curveball thrown your way, an explosive situation to defuse, a seduction on the horizon, a developing experiment, a dilemma to work out, a mystery to solve, or a debacle in the making. These eight blind dates by eight authors have one thing in common. Hot hunks finding their ladies! 

Grab your copy NOW on AMAZON

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  1. I simply adored Ed's story!!! so hot and so romantic. I look so forward to every new book you release, my dear!!! be well.


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