Monday, January 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Cape Cod Weather today: Cold and getting colder. But *they* say it won't snow again until Wednesday....
My oldest son made honor roll at his middle school again today... my youngest daughter played in her first "home game" with her basketball team (and her team won)... my middle child's karate teacher just didn't show up to open the studio today, (no note on the door, no nothing) which is fine because he was still worn out from his rock concert yesterday (playing in it not attending it).... and I found a piece of sky blue seaglass in amongst the slipper snail shells as I walked the dogs along the beach at lunchtime.

blue magic...

o I took myself home and sat down at the computer with the various lists of information I collected last week, and sent off another query letter to one of the agents I found in my research. Yea, me! *Keep fingers crossed!*

I don't like writing queries, but I guess it's part of the job of being an author. I've read some funny blogs about query letters in my morning procrastinations, including Editorial Anonymous who has a funny post today about whether a query really needs to be typed... even I know that. The answer, if you don't know already, is YES. Everything needs to be typed. This isn't meant to be exclusive or mean, but if you think about it, those poor agents and editorial assistants and interns spend all day reading queries and partials. The least we can do is type our submissions, unless of course we want to be paying for their vision plan. I don't even Have a "vision plan" with our current insurance... (umm, President Obama? Can we have Universal Vision with our Universal Health?)

Send positive vibes my way, that I'll soon be an agented author....

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  1. Good luck with your queries. I agree that they are difficult. ACK!

    And I LOVE the Editorial Anonymous blog too. I'm a huge fan.


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