Friday, December 4, 2009

Deck the Halls...and Windows...

My daughter and I have been putting the decorations around the house all week. We decided not to get a tree, since the kids and I are going to visit my parents (and my husband could care less if there's a tree or not, bah humbug) But the rest of the decorations must be unpacked! And we had to find creative ways to hang the ornaments (did I mention there's no tree?)

This year my Girl Scout troop made cinnamon cookie ornaments to sell at the Holiday Stroll. My daughter made a few extras for us to keep, as you can see in the above photo of my kitchen window. I'd first found this recipe when my oldest was still a preschooler, so they're good for any age group.

My daughter helped decorate them after they were dry, using fabric paints to look like royal icing and dots for m&ms. The cookies look cute and smell delicious, but aren't really edible. They're also fairly simple to make - just make sure to use simple shapes for the cookie cutters or they tend to break... all the lobster-shaped ones lost their claws and ended up in the trash!

Cinnamon Cookie Ornaments

3/4 cup applesauce
1 bottle (around 4 oz) ground Cinnamon

1. Mix applesauce with cinnamon to form a stiff dough.
2. Roll dough to 1/4-1/2 inch thickness. (thicker cookies are more durable but take longer to dry)
3. Cut with cookie cutters, using a straw to put a hole near the top.
4. Carefully lay on rack or waxed paper to dry - takes a few days to dry thoroughly, turning occasionally.
5. Decorate with fabric paint/puff paint (or glue on sequins, gems, etc. depending on shape)
6. Thread with ribbon or chenille stems for hangers.
7. Hang on your tree or give as gifts to smiling grandparents.

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