Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Wishes for the New Year!

A belated Merry Christmas to all, as well as Best Wishes for the coming New Year!

Where to start?

The kids and I have just returned home from a holiday journey South, to visit my parents in Georgia. My youngest sister came with us for the long drive. We also saw relatives in the D.C. area, and visited my grandmother in her nursing home. My husband flew down to join us, and we had cocktails one night with an old college roommate of his, whose parents also live in the same Savannah neighborhood. Oh, and my cousin stayed overnight with us on her way to Florida for a New Years' cruise...

Lots of family... lots of holiday cheer... a whirlwind of holiday fun.

And now we're home. After a long trip, isn't it just the best feeling in the world to wake up in your own bed? With your own pillow? Ah. A little slice of heaven in soft cotton.

Suddenly it's New Years' Eve, time to reflect on the year gone by as well as make resolutions and set goals for the coming new year. Not just any New Years, either, but the end of one decade and the start of another.

As you reflect back on 2009, what stands out?

For me, the highlight was the publication of my first book. But there were other milestones that make me smile - a child in their first play, another child's concert, becoming a magazine editor, birthday parties and get-togethers with friends and relatives, getting back in touch with old friends... it was a pretty good year.

As you think ahead to 2010, what do you wish for?

I'm hoping for peace in the world, and for in my own home as we head into another turbulent teenage year and look forward (!) to the start of the High School Years in September.
I'm hoping for good health for my children and family, as well as for all those who suffer (and I'm still hoping that Congress can figure out our national health care crisis before it's too late.)
I'm hoping for a rosier economic outlook - for the world, for the U.S. and for my own household.

And I'm hoping for more publishing successes for myself and for all the author friends I've made over the last few years.

Peace, Health, Prosperity, Success and Happiness to ALL!

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