Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Love Your Teeth" - A new tool in the toothbrushing wars

I don't know about the rest of you, but I always felt like I was waging battle when it came to the kids and brushing their teeth. They finally all grew old enough that I no longer feel compelled to stand over them... and yet, sometimes my 11-year-old still forgets to brush her teeth in the morning.
While I don't think this particular tool will work with my kids, as they are beyond the chart/reward stage... boy, do I wish I'd had this when the three of them were younger! Official looking, personalized, easy to color or add a sticker to - if you have small children, this printable chart seems like it would be great to hang on the bathroom mirror to remind the little ones to brush at least twice a day.

The website is pretty light - not a lot of content to wade through. But it's very easy to use. And definitely worth a look. Because everyone can use an extra tool in their arsenal when it comes to raising kids.

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  1. Kids are fond of artwork and stuff. A printable chart for their tooth brushing would do very nicely. They'd surely take notice of it every now and then. =)


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