Friday, February 17, 2012

Puppy Love and Puppy Guilt

Puppy Love: 
1. Total and complete infatuation, bordering on obsession, often immature in nature.
2. Having your heart melt when you look into a puppy's eyes for the first time. And every time after that.

Puppy Guilt:
Looking into those same eyes and not wanting to give in... but having the guilt gnaw at your heart and mind even if what the puppy is begging for is 1. not good for her, 2. impossible, or 3. makes your life harder.

I admit to being wracked with Puppy Guilt this winter. Yes, it's been a mild winter here in the Northeast, but I much prefer to tromp through the woods with Puppy on a snowy day than on a rainy, muddy day like today.

So I need to deal with the Puppy Guilt. Because this morning I just don't have time to deal with Puppy Mud.

(...but you know I'll take her up to the beach this afternoon... I can't stand the guilt very long...)

What does your Puppy (or child or spouse) give you the Puppy Guilt about?


  1. Chris says, "Do we have any dessert?" and we don't because neither of us need it.....

  2. My two cat-girls have been put on a diet by the vet. I can't explain that to them but I don't want them to get weight related illnesses. They have darling faces, loving eyes and pathetic miaows. Need I say any more.


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