Friday, November 1, 2013

Good-bye, Halloween! Hello, November!

Packing away the Halloween goodies for another year... although there's still candy left in my pumpkin that needs to be moved somewhere temporarily...or eaten...

I had such fun yesterday on the Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop, reading other people's true life ghost stories and recommendations for scary movies, scary stories, and scary Halloween drink ideas! Hope you were able to hop around, too, and read some of the other blog entries!

I did go actual door-to-door trick-or-treating with my daughter and her friends, to two different neighborhoods: one in Chatham, where the block goes all out and hangs lights in trees and scary music and machine-made fog wafts along the breeze...there's even a traffic cop at the entrance to the neighborhood to help the little ones cross the street.

The other neighborhood was in my town of Harwich, and it was kind of dark and spooky. It went in a circle, too, but without the lights and music. Other bands of kids roamed the streets, but with less small kids and less parental supervision. The people answering their doorbells, however, were just as friendly (or more so in some cases) and the girls all had a great time with both experiences. And came home with tons of treats, which they emptied into piles on my daughter's bedroom floor and traded madly until parents came to take them home.

Speaking of treats, I owe a Treat in my blog hop giveaway. I used the free random generator at and the winner of the necklace is.... Louann Carroll! Congrats Louann! Please contact me with your mailing info and I'll get that necklace into the mail for you.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I hope your daughter made some good trades!

    1. It looks as though she got all the kit kats, so I think it was a success! I just found your blog recently and love it! Will be visiting you more often in the future!

  2. I remember trading my snacks with siblings! I miss trick or treating, but I do now enjoy Halloween parties. Glad both neighborhoods worked out well, I thought the second one was going to lend itself to a spooky Halloween story.

    1. I thought so too as we made our way through the darkened streets and the light mist of rain that showered us for the first hundred yards. But the rain cleared up and the other "gangs" of kids were all friendly... and no ghosts to bother us, which is always a plus! Thanks for stopping by, Libby!


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