Monday, November 18, 2013

Is It Too Early for Christmas?

We had a family gathering to attend yesterday, and the margarita chatter inevitably turned to Christmas lists, and what do the kids want/need from their aunts this year? Okay, the margaritas weren't talking, but those of us aunties drinking said margaritas certainly were...

...and the room was divided between those who think it's a wee bit early to be talking Christmas cheer, and those who've already started decorating and watching seasonal cartoons with the kids. And listening to carols in the car. I mean, it's barely November for goodness sakes! (can you tell which side I'm on??)

While I totally understand that some people feel the need to finish their shopping before Thanksgiving, and Turkey Day is really late this year, I'm not in favor of the rush-to-Christmas that seems to be the norm.

When I went out to get wine Saturday at 5 p.m., the liquor store guys had just finished decorating the entire storefront in lights. Christmas lights. Tons of them. So bright I almost had to leave and go somewhere else. (I sucked it up and bought the wine for dinner anyway, being the hearty soul that I am.)

What do you think? Today is November 18th. There are still 38 days until Christmas. Is it too early, or just about right?

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