Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Viva la Mexico!

My husband and I are in Mexico all this week, leaving his sister to care for our kids, both human and canine. I'm catching up on my reading and reviewing (although I think there's only one that's actually promised) and he's kind of here on business. I say "kind of" because there is still Pacific Ocean and lots of margaritas involved, so it's not like he's sitting in a trade show booth or stuck in a cubicle.

But I'm still thinking about mermaids... and seeking them out in Mexican gift shops....
Despite being several times zones away and in a whole different country, TOMORROW IS MY BIG COVER REVEAL DAY for BLOOD OF A MERMAID from Crescent Moon Press. Sorry to "yell" but I'm pretty excited about the new book ~ especially the beautiful new cover by Jeannie Ruesch! I've got a dozen or so other authors lined up to help me show it off - hopefully it'll be all over the place very shortly!

So yeah, come back tomorrow and check it out.

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