Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter... and oops, forgot to schedule posts last week!

Happy Easter Sunday to all, and a big apology for disappearing for an entire week without excuse.

Well, I had an excuse. My oldest was home for Spring Break, my second child is in teh midst of college acceptance angst... and I forgot to schedule a week of posts in advance.

Took son #1 back to the airport this morning and plan to get back on track today for the coming week and month... but it also shows me I'm not prepared to participate in A to Z this year. Nope. Not until I'm a wee bit more organized. (yeah, right, in this lifetime? ha!)

As my mea culpa, I'm including a few of my favorite shots from the week - including my son's brand new tattoo, and the command uniform appearance at his grandmother's retirement community (with all the cousins, too.)

Happy Easter!

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