Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Book Review: DEMON KISSED by Karilyn Bentley

Demon Kissed by Karilyn Bentley
Book Two of the Demon Huntress series
Published 2016 by The Wild Rose Press

About the Book:
Gin Crawford, the world's latest demon huntress, has no time to mourn her dead lover as she's called in to determine why a demon attack occurred at the local medical school. And not just any demon, but the one demon that gives her demon-killing bracelet the shivers. A dead professor, a lab full of missing anthrax, and a demon who turns good people into minions complicate her life. Can Gin and her mentor Aidan Smythe solve the mystery of the missing anthrax and the identity of the demon before someone else dies?
My Take:
I fell in love with this series from the very beginning, but have to warn you: if you haven't read the first book, Demon Lore, you won't understand this second book. In fact, don't even read this review. Go find yourself Book One and start there.

Okay. So everyone left reading this review has already read the first book, right? Good. You totally need to go get a copy of the second book as so many of those dangling loose end questions get answered in this one. Not all of them, not exactly, but enough that it's so satisfying to slap your forehead and say aha! I knew it! Which of course I'm not going to give away here cuz that would be a spoiler and we all hate spoilers. Back to the review.

Gin Crawford is a demon huntress... The demon huntress of the series subtitle. She's gone from an abused and crazy childhood to her current vaguely twenty-something semi-stable existence as an emergency room nurse. And empath. And the twin of a ghost whisperer with whom she shares a close psychic connection.

And, oh yeah, now a Justinian which is a fancy name for demon hunter, and with an officially assigned Guardian to watch over her and heal her. A Guardian who is sizzling hot and who's every touch sends waves of desire shooting every which way. But of course she has to try and ignore the obvious connection between them because, after all, she has to work with him.

Complications abound beyond her growing attraction to her guardian, Smythe. Like the fact that there's a Fear demon on the loose that seems hell bent on not only killing Gin but wreaking havoc on the entire city. And the fact that some of the other Guardians in the Agency aren't in the Gin Crawford fan club.

But do they hate her enough to actually try to kill her?

Told in first person narration from Gin's perspective, the story is a snarky, fast-paced romp that kept me reading straight through the afternoon  until my family complained that dinner was hours late. Oops. Karilyn Bentley has a masterful way of keeping the reader hooked and reading, needing just one more question answered. One more chance at catching the bad guy. One more chance for Gin to look deep into Smythe's eyes and... Ahem, yeah, still hoping for that one.

If you like your paranormal adventures with a little sizzle, a side of snark and a big dose of sass, check out Karilyn Bentley's Demon Huntress series.

Book One is Demon Lore (although I have to say I don't really like the cover of that one, I'm still trying to figure it out. So not in character for Gin.) and Book Two is Demon Kissed, and yes, the title is prophetic, but Gins story is not over, not by a long shot. Here's hoping Book Three doesn't take more than a year to come out!

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