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Monday Book Review: Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea, by Kris Calvert

Sex, Lies and Sweet Tea, (Sex & Lies, Book One) by Kris Calvert
Published November 2013

About the Book:
Hotter than hell and half of Alabama, FBI Agent, Mac Callahan is thirsty for everything except love. Coming home to bust a white-collar crime ring, Mac intends to execute his usual practice with work and women¬ – get in, get it on and get out. Instead, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the legacy of his family, his plantation, and the charms of a Southern girl. Samantha Peterson possesses everything he needs in a woman, including the evidence to wrap his case. As the investigation heats up, so does their passion and a dangerous game ignites. But, then again, everything’s hotter in the South.
My Take:

I may have mentioned recently how enamored I've been lately with Southern romances. From Savannah to New Orleans, I've read quite a few novels that are set South of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Well, I've found another talented author in this romance subset, with a series set in Alabama that's fast paced and sizzling.

Sex, Lies and Sweet Tea is the first in the series, introducing us to a hot and rugged FBI special agent, McKay "Mac" Callahan, who is also a true Southern gentleman at heart. When he leaves D.C. to head an investigation in his hometown, he meets Samantha Peterson and falls hard.

She thinks he's just home to visit his mother in the upscale elder-care facility where she just took a new job. He's actually investigating fraud and corruption at the same business, and isn't sure whether Sam is involved in the scheme. And what will happen if she finds out he investigated her along with the other suspects as he looks for clues in between kisses?

I enjoyed the weaving of mystery with the rich Southern plantation lifestyle, but some of the excess goes over the top. Taken in context (and a few grains of salt) it all works pretty well. While this is the start of a series, the novel is a standalone story that gives this plot a complete resolution and this couple their HEA, while simultaneously introducing the reader to other characters in this setting who might also be looking for love.

I'm looking forward to reading more from this author, and more stories set in this quirky yet traditional Southern town. Grab this first book on Amazon

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