Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cape Cod Chronicle ran a story about lil ol' me this week!


When I was in downtown Chatham doing some last minute Christmas shopping a few months back, I ran into another local Cape author. She told me she follows me on Instagram (mostly for the puppy pics) and congratulated me on my new release, GHOST IN THE MACHINE.

She asked if I'd sent it out to the local papers to review.

I told her I hadn't. It had been so long since I actually had a paperback to send out, that I totally forgot to send them. But with her reminder, I did just that.

The Cape Cod Times ran my cover and blurb in January, with a roundup of local author new books for a cold winter's night. But bestselling author and Chatham resident Bernard Cornwall also had a new book out, so he got the majority of the page space. Hey, on the bright side, I'm on the same book recommendation as Bernard Cornwall!

A reporter from the Cape Cod Chronicle contacted me via email and asked a few questions and for photos. She said she was reading and reviewing my book. The article appeared in the paper this week, but it's mostly about me and not the book. Still publicity. Still cool to see my name in the paper.

And a good reminder to do the legwork, send the media packets, and make the effort. You never know what will make the difference.

You can read it for yourself - if you're not local to grab a copy of the paper, you're still in luck. Even the little local Cape Cod newspapers are online these days. . .

Link to Newspaper article Here:

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