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If you haven't checked out this awesome box set, you need to go to Amazon and grab it now.

$1.99 for 11 full books by 11 wonderful authors. Here's a link:

I grabbed the boxset on preorder when it was free or 99 cents or something like that, after seeing it advertised on Penny Reid's facebook page. I've read most of Penny Reid's books... and saw that Claire Kingsley was in there, and I've read a whole lot of her books too.... turns out both of their stories were ones I already own. So started to read some of the others in the anthology - that's what box sets are for, to find new to you authors at a discounted price. It's also like saying, if you like these authors, you might like these others too.

I found Pippa Grant. 

Oh. My. Good.

She's prolific, profane, and pretty all-around amazing at world-building an extended group of friends that spill from Manhattan down to Virginia and encompass hockey stories, baseball stories, billionaire stories, small town stories, enemies to lovers, best friend's brother, brother's best friend, the one that got away... you name it, she's written it, and in the funniest most down to earth way possible.

All the stories I've read are first person, told in alternating viewpoints between the two lead characters in mostly alternating chapters (sometimes one character gets a few chapters in a row, depending on where the arc takes us.) 

My favorites so far (and yes, I do mean that since I haven't read them all yet, but the summer is just getting started) are:

America's Geekheart (Bro Code Book 2)



Mister McHottie (Girl Band Book 1)

Yes, okay, sometimes the stories are a little over the top. Like Eloise's book (The Hero and the Hactivist, Girl Band Book 4) where the main characters comes up with outrageous, over-the-top bad-romance-book euphemisms for her "love muff," his "rod of pleasure" and the acts themselves - and never uses the same one twice. I think someone must have dared the author to come up with as many as possible... or she'd fallen into a vat of bad 1970s Harlequins, or something equally outrageous. 

Or Grady Rock's over-the-top way he talks so lovingly it's pretty sexual to his dough when he's creating his culinary masterpieces in Master Baker (the first Bro Code Spin-off standalone)

Yeah, maybe over-the-top is the way to sum up a lot of these books...

But they're also fun and flip and entertaining and engaging, and like plugging pure sugar into my Kindle each time. Addicting in a dangerous way if you work from home. Or have kids that need to be fed. Or laundry piling up in the corner. Oh wait, is that just me? 

(and have I mentioned how much I love love love her cover art? Yum...)

I want to write like Pippa Grant when I grow up.

Instead of giving you a book link, I'm giving you the link to Pippa's Amazon page. Start anywhere. Seriously, I didn't start with book one of anything, except for Flirting with the Frenemy (Bro Code Book 1), which was in the Box Set (now a bargain $1.99) that started me down this dangerous wormhole of literary genius or devilry, I'm still not sure which. But like Alice when she went through the looking glass, I'm having fun exploring all that's here.

Pippa's Amazon author page -

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