Saturday, July 24, 2021

#NEW Preorder Available Now ~ MATT'S MYSTIC CONNECTION Coming in November!


More Hot Hunks Steamy Romance books are coming your way! This time, all the stories center in Mystic Connecticut, that bustling seaside town along the banks of the Long Island Sound. Like always, each of the eight stories is a standalone romance by a different author. You can read them in any order, read one or read all. Eight hot hunks discovering love...

Here's the blurb for my contribution to the collection:

Sparks fly when Sam meets Matt at a kiteboarding tournament in Mystic, Connecticut, where the sizzling connection between them is almost combustible.

Samantha Jones moved to Cape Cod at the age of ten, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Between wrangling first graders and caring for her aging grandmother, she doesn’t have time for serious relationships. Every free moment is spent on the water, and the money from the sponsorships doesn’t hurt.

Up until recently, Matthew Daniels had it all: great job, cool apartment in the heart of San Francisco, and a girlfriend he was ready to take the next step with. Now, all that’s left is the job at the up and coming kiteboard brand. He’s hoping a fresh start on the East coast – back with all of his college buddies – will be the hard reset he needs to get his life back on track. What he doesn’t anticipate is the unforgettable woman he meets in Mystic.

In the quaint seaside town of Mystic, Connecticut, love is in the air—and who knows where you might encounter a look, a smile, a kiss… that moment when you know your whole life is about to change. It could happen at the Seaport Museum, the Mystic Aquarium, at famous Mystic Pizza, or on a romantic sailboat cruise. Maybe even a Sunday outing at the Elm Grove Cemetery like they did in the late 1900's, strolling in the salt-kissed breeze.

Eight hunky guys, each on his own path through life, navigate their way through the rich history of Mystic, discovering steamy romance along the way.

River’s Mystic Crush- Natalie Ann
Luke’s Mystic Romance - Suzanne Jenkins
Malachi’s Mystic Assignment- Jen Talty
Matt’s Mystic Connection - Katie O'Sullivan
Liam’s Mystic Passion- Alicia Street
Cael’s Mystic Reunion- Stephanie Morris
Ridley's Mystic Roots- Reina Torres
Max's Mystic Magic- Tamara Ferguson

Since this is me, I'm still working on my story, but can I tell you I'm totally in love with these characters! If you've read my other books, you may recognize the main character Samantha as Eliza's best friend in BATTLING BENJAMIN, the elementary school teacher with the smart mouth who always talks in exclamation points when she's out with her friends. She's a bit of a complicated character - probably too complicated for a shorter novel, so we'll see how long this one turns out in the end.  Matt started as a cartoon outline of a guy I met on the beach over the winter - there are a ton of kiteboarders who congregate at a beach a few miles from my house, and we were walking the dogs along there over the winter quite a bit. But my character Matt has surprised me at a few turns, and keeps revealing more hidden depth than I'd initially given him credit for. And the cover! I love this cover a lot, so I'm hoping my story lives up to the hype.

All the new Hot Hunks are available for preorder now, individually or as a set, from AMAZON.


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