Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Karma Ran Over my Dogma....

Cape Cod Weather today: A mix of snow and rain, falling in the semi-darkness of still early morning. Or maybe the darkness is from the thick cloud cover. It's 35 degrees, after a balmy high of 43 yesterday... the snowflakes are large, thick, and falling fast, and I can't remember if that usually means it'll last a long time or be over quickly...

The Muse. Fate. Karma. God.

Some people like to think we get our inspirations and ideas from a higher power, an all-knowing entity, or from within the fabric of the Universe itself. Bringing us the gifts of knowledge, or ideas, or windfall profits... okay, not so much that last one.

And it's not Preordained or Predestined or Predetermined. It's out there, but you need to listen to your Muse. You need to hear what the Universe is trying to tell you. Listen when the Ghosts start to whisper...

Okay, so what got me on this particular thought wave this morning? My son spilled a glass of orange juice while I was out of the kitchen for half a minute and somehow it covered Everything. The entire kitchen floor was orange (and it wasn't a big glass, really.)

I walked back into the room and saw it, and thought, huh. That little voice told me yesterday to mop the kitchen floor. Actually, the little voice has been saying it for three days straight, and I keep putting it off. I hate to mop. So I thought, now my karma stepped in and tipped my hand, and I have to mop. No way out of it this time.

When the Muse speaks, I need to listen. Even if she only yells at me to mop the kitchen floor. But especially in my writing (since I'm a writer, after all.) Because when I don't listen the first time, she finds a way to make me hear Her.

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  1. Hi,
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