Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Wimps

Cape Cod Weather Today
: Snowy. The flakes are still falling, albeit one at a time... there may be four inches on the ground, since it snowed all day yesterday, but it's light and fluffy ... so why is there a two hour snow delay??

President Obama was right.

And it's not just a D.C. phenomenon (although they perfected it way back in the 70s...)

We've become a nation of Snow Wimps.

My children have a two hour snow delay today, because it snowed all day yesterday. Yesterday they got released an hour early, because it was snowing all day. Is this so they can stay home and play in it? It just seems slightly excessive... the roads seem okay and it was easy to shovel the driveway. Light and fluffy.

Better safe than sorry? Sometimes I agree with that, but this is New England, folks. It snows in the winter. Every winter. Get used to it.

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