Friday, September 4, 2009

The Official End of Summer

It's the start of Labor Day weekend. The official "end" of summertime.

Many of the summer people have already left Cape Cod. The roads are already more quiet, the temperatures already dipping into the 50s and 60s at night. Even though the leaves aren't yet turning, it's time to start thinking ahead to fall.

My kids don't go back to school until next Wednesday, so I still have a few more days to get their school supplies organized and create my master to-do list for fall. I guess my writing should go to the top of the list since it's practically fallen right off there during July and August.

This summer, I've read a lot of blog posts about procrastination and writer's block. It seems I'm no where near alone in this boat. It's a cruise line full of frustrated writers. And yet there is no one right answer to solve the problem.

I just dug out my copy of Anne Lamott's wonderful bird by bird to see if I can work through my issues once school starts. I'm luckier than some in that I have my first book coming out next month so I KNOW I can do it.

I just need to sit down and get to work.

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