Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunsets on Strandway

September is a beautiful month on Cape Cod. More quiet on the roads, more peaceful on the beaches... Like everything settles down and takes a deep breath. A sunset like this is just the icing on the cupcake.

I just posted a series of dramatic sunsets over this same beach (from this same night, actually) on the other blog I manage ( at ) The juxtaposition of the houses silhouetted against the sunset would make a nice painting. Sunsets like this make me understand why so many artists have chosen to live on Cape Cod over the last century.

And speaking of creativity on Cape Cod...

The fall magazine of CapeWomenOnline should go online today. We have some great articles this month about some talented and creative Cape women, like Nina Schuessler who's the artistic director at the Harwich Junior Theatre and Francie Joseph who runs the early childhood education programs here in town, and Kristen Magnacca, a life coach who specializes in fertility issues.

We also have several good environmental articles about growing your own food, and why it's so important to support our local farmers. Not just Cape Cod farmers, but supporting farms that are close to where you live. No farms, No food. I've gathered a list of our local farms that you can visit to pick your own veggies or get a cranberry bog tour - most are open in the summertime as well, for some of you potential tourists!

The CWO Web Princess hit a few minor glitches trying to archive the summer issue and replace it with the fall articles, but she said she'd have it conquered by this morning. I'm already hard at work on the Holiday Issue, gathering information and recipes from all across the Cape. There are some great events planned for December in many of the towns here on Cape Cod!

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