Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I love my Job...

At Cape Women Online, we're hard at work putting together the Holiday Issue.

Oops, sorry if I gave anyone a scare. Yes, it's still September. Yes, there are still plenty of shopping days left before Christmas and/or Hanukkah. No need to panic. Unless you're trying to put out a seasonal magazine. Then it's past time to panic.

But one of the things we decided would be fun is to put in this coming issue are simple holiday recipes from real working women around Cape Cod. And obviously, if we're recommending these recipes as easy and delicious, we have to try them out ourselves.

Poor us! Ha! So at our editorial meeting this week, I made the American Bounty Cobbler pictured above to go with the coffee the publisher made (and she had whipped cream, too. Yum!) A blend of fresh cranberries from a local bog (I bought them Sunday at a craft show, from the farmer) and blueberries that my kids picked, it was simple, quick and delicious.

The recipe will be in CWO's Holiday Issue, which will be online by mid-November. Mmmm. Can't wait to "have" to bake something else!


  1. looks yummy! Carol

  2. OH, believe me, it was! Therecipe originally appeared in a J. Bildner & Sons cookbook, but was given to me by a marketing friend from the yacht club. She made it for a meeting we had - delish!


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