Friday, January 28, 2011

Heating Up the Month of February

Yet another snowstorm is pounding the East Coast, with threats of severe winter weather, coastal erosion and flooding. The sleet is pounding against the window of my office, making me long to cuddle up with something warmer than my computer...

So I thought, Hey! How about inviting some of my favorite Romance Authors to come on over and steam up my blog for Romance Month - February, to be more exact. Typing quickly (to warm up my fingers) I sent out some invitations and lined up some steamy excerpts to keep you warm next month.... not in time for this winter storm, but at least there's something to look forward to!

Heating Up February

Week One: Contemporary Western Romance Author Jaydyn Chelcee
Wednesday 2/2 - Thursday 2/3

Week Two: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Writer Sky Purington
Wednesday 2/9 - Thursday 2/10

Week Three: Paranormal Romance Writer Penny Watson
Wednesday 2/16 - Thursday 2/17

Week Four: Contemporary and Erotic Romance Writer Cindy Jacks
Wednesday 2/23 - Thursday 2/24

Each Wednesday, we'll get to meet and chat with a new author, and on Thursday the author will give us an excerpt from one of their stories - something to warm us up and get the weekend started early! Don't forget to check back in all month long for excerpts that'll heat you up and send a different kind of shiver through your body...


  1. Sounds great!

    I'm so glad I dropped by.


  2. Looking forward to it! Just think, after Feb is over, spring is almost here. Right?????


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