Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puppy Turns One Year Old

It was one year ago today that our Puppy was born into this world.

She joined our family eight weeks later, a little bundle of fluff who could barely walk and who's paws were soft as a baby's feet since she'd never been outside...
For the first few months, we'd find her curled up right next to us, no matter where we were. She'd be asleep at my feet as I cooked dinner in the kitchen, and warming my toes underneath my computer desk. Over the year, she kept that habit - except she doesn't quite fit under my desk any longer...
She put up with my daughter tucking her in and dressing her up. And Puppy still puts up with it, dressing up for Halloween and wearing fancy scarves and sunglasses when the girls come over to play.

Over the course of the year, Puppy discovered her absolute adoration for all things Ocean. The sand. The smells. The shells. Even the frigid winter water. There is nothing about the beach that Puppy doesn't like. Except maybe the hose waiting in the back yard after her walks.

But her absolute favorite thing is snow. Falling snow. Deep snow. Snowballs and snowball fights. Snowmen. Snow everything.

So it's just and fitting that to celebrate Puppy's first birthday, Mother Nature got in on the party and gave us another nor'easter, and another snow day off from school. Which works out just fine, since we didn't have the chance to bake her cupcakes yet. I'm off to the kitchen to whip up some dog treats - this time, without a Puppy warming my toes. She's out playing in the blizzard!

Happy Birthday, Puppy!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! What a sweet little pup! Turned into a HUGE sweet pup!! Happy Birthday big gal!

  2. if only you could share with everyone the depth of her bark when it's really dark and quiet outside...she'd make a great fog horn for all those fishermen out there on the Sound!

  3. Oh, she's not really that loud, is she? LOL! She's just a tiny little thing, after all ;-)


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