Saturday, January 15, 2011

Puppy Learns to Share

It's true - Puppy isn't very good at sharing.

She always pushes to be first out the door. She will only sit in one seat in the minivan (the middle row, drivers side seat.) And she doesn't like to share toys.

When one of the other dogs has her toy, she whines. Incessantly. No, really. You think you know constant whining - - you don't until you've met my Puppy. Really. She's that good. Or bad, depending on your perspective.

So when On Christmas Day, my husband was given one toy for the 3 dogs to share, I was concerned.

Worried, even.

Although the old dog has no use (NO use) for chew toys, the other two tend to argue. And whine.

More often than not, the Big Dog wins the argument. (I must digress for a moment or two, and admit that the Big Dog is no longer technically bigger. Or actually bigger. Or bigger in any meaningful sense. The Puppy is big. And bigger.)

Anyway, Big Dog chewed up most of the "shared" toy. In a day. One day. Puppy just watched. And whined. Incessantly.

But see the look? Like she's saying, So? I'm the Big Dog. It's mine.

Puppy had to console herself with hugs and kisses. She was okay with that.

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