Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Reading

I discovered Jamie Cat Callan with the introduction of her first book, FRENCH WOMEN DON'T SLEEP ALONE, in 2009. I was smitten with her friendly, breezy writing style, and asked Jamie - as a part-time Cape resident - to write an article for CapeWomenOnline to help women find some of that "Ooh La La" in their own lives.

Her article appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of CWO, which can be found by clicking here.

She has a new book just out, and now available to order at She sent me a review copy, which I eagerly read and enjoyed even more than the first book. I posted the following review on, praising the author and book....

Jamie Cat Callan's second book, BONJOUR HAPPINESS, is a compilation of observations and life lessons on how we can all discover the secrets to being truly happy. Jamie shares her thoughts with the reader through vignettes of her recent travels through France and memories of her French grandmother, all told with warmth and humor that make you want to read more (and join her on her French adventures!)

I connected with the author right from the introduction, when Jamie describes herself as a woman who often feels she is "not smart enough, not rich enough, not organized enough, not accomplished enough, not slim enough and definitely not young enough. All this to say I'm a typical American gal!" I thought, me too, and decided she might have some secrets that I could really use.

She does. With simple easy-to-take-home ideas, Jamie shows us how rediscovering our own joie de vivre is well within everyone's reach, no matter your age or body type. Halfway through the book, she reminds us that, "Everything you do in life has the potential to add to your happiness, your joie de vivre." You always have a choice, and throughout the book Jamie helps us see these choices and examine which ones truly make us happier.

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