Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Glad that Monday is Over...

The week didn't start out so well, and I'm left feeling like a bad mom and a bad writer. Bad all around.

The agent that had requested my full ... got back to me with a rejection. "...While there was much about your story that I liked and admired..." yada yada yada.... "not the best representative for your work"...yada yada yada... "I know another agent will feel differently."


Okay, that's not the bad mom part. And actually, I'm still pretty conflicted about whether I should feel bad about this or not.

Adam Sandler is filming a movie this summer on Cape Cod. My kids are so excited and made me take them to sign up to be extras. Fine. July and August. Fine. The casting agent talked me into adding "And Boston" to their call sheets. They've already called twice for my son to go up north of Boston 3 days this week. He's still in school. He still has finals to do. He has a field trip today.

I said no.

The second woman who called from California tried to argue with me, and promised they would have a tutor on the set since it's a school day and all.

I still said no. I told her school gets out on June 22.

Besides the fact that my husband is traveling this week and I have 2 other kids with activities and bus pickups... The Girl Scout Bridging ceremony is tonight. The High School spring sports awards ceremony is tonight for my older son's first Varsity letter. My daughter has band rehearsal tomorrow night that she can't miss because the concert is less than 2 weeks away. My dad's 70th birthday is today...

None of that matters to my son, of course.

One of his friend's has a mom who is taking her kid out of school tomorrow to drive up there and be in the scene. My son is so upset with me that his friend gets to go and he doesn't. I tried to tell him it's not like Adam Sandler is going to be there, they're shooting the flashback scenes and will have a "younger" version of Adam on set.

Watch now, I'll be wrong and his friend will come back with movie star stories.

What would you have done? Let him get out of school and take him to the movie shoot? Rearrange your life for a Hollywood schedule?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty depressed over the rejection letter, but I can always send out more queries. What do I do about disappointing my child?


  1. There's nothing wrong with feeling disappointed, any more than it is to let a child get ill. It's all part of the process. The only bad thing would be never allowing him to experience disappointment (or a cold), because then he'd grow up ill equipped to handle life (or germs).

    Also, try to make him understand how bad Adam Sandler movies are (showing him Little Nicky should do the trick).


  2. You made the right decision. Period. It's just harder when other parents are allowing poor choices. I remember those days! Speaking from an older perspective, I would much rather deal with an unhappy child than the outcome of what happens when you always give in. I applaud you for doing the right thing.


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