Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching Up

I've been MIA lately because Spring finally arrived on Cape Cod. My yard was in pitiful shape after a long winter and longer soggy non-Spring. But the blooms have been beautiful...

I've been edging beds, spreading mulch, clearing dead leaves, mowing and weed-whacking, trimming bushes and dead tree branches, replacing broken fences... you name it, I've been doing it. More like re-landscaping than yard work.

And while I work outside, my mind keeps turning over story details so that by next week, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sit down and crank on the WIP I was stuck in the middle of.

Do you ever find that when you're stuck on a plot point, or stuck on where a story is going, it's better to put it down completely and focus on something else entirely? I tried banging my head against it, but it was like a brick wall that I couldn't break through. Now I'm feeling re-energized by my time away from the story, and eager to get back and just plow through it, like I'm doing with my yard.

What works best for you when you get "stuck" ?

Query Update on MERMAID BLOOD:

Queries sent: 6, as of last week (I told you I was going to be selective)
Form rejections: 1
Requests for more: 1 request for a full manuscript (that came the same day!) (*quiet yea*)

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my posted query. I guess I need to refine Shea's goals more - the antagonists goals are clear: world domination. What does Shea want? answers? family? to belong? I have several more names on my "selective" list that I've already researched, so maybe I'll send some more queries out next week in addition to writing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Doing something else tends to help me; when I focus on another project/activity the story gets time to stew, I get time to relax, and I feel much more ready to start writing later.

    Congrats on the request for a full! :) Good luck with your querying.

  2. Good luck with your query, Katie!

    I'm also dealing with similiar weather up here in New Hampshire. Just digging into the gardens now. Poor, neglected things. But it has been an odd year weather wise already...

  3. Hey congrats on the request! Awesome! And I totally agree. I have to put my WIPs aside sometimes and stop chasing the story for it to come back to me.
    Other times, I just trudge thru until there's a breakthru.

  4. Congrats on the full!

    I'm glad spring has sprung for you. And yes, I do find that if I'm stuck, time away definitely helps.

  5. Like you, redirecting my focus to other things helps. Taking long walks alone helps, too. You're can walk at the beach! I'm in a suburban neighborhood. Ah, well. We bloom where we're planted. :) Congrats on your request! Woo-hoo!


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