Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Wait! Is This the part where I'm supposed to Write?

Hi there! I'm ba-a-a-ack! Miss me?

Wait, that's not me - that's one of the kids enjoying his summer vacation. I'm the one sitting behind the wheel of the minivan, waiting to drive on to the next activity.

Whew. It's been a busy summer around here! Between all the different camps, sailing classes and regattas, people visiting us on the Cape, us visiting people elsewhere, etc., etc., etc., ...I barely had time to sit on the beach, let along think about writing. And blogging? Umm, yeah, sorry about being m.i.a. for so long...

...but we did get to visit Vermont, and see my sister's new farm and her own personal swimming hole... which probably looks a lot different now, post-Irene, but was pretty serene the day before the hurricane:
...and my eldest son participated in a few regattas with his sailing team both on Cape Cod and (gasp) over the bridge.
...and my middle child played a few summer concerts with his band, NonCompliant, pictured here at the Kids Day Concert at Barnstable High School in August. He also had an awesome time at summer camp in Rhode Island and had trouble transitioning back to boring old home life.

Well, thank goodness there's school to fill that void, right?

... and here they are headed out the door for their first day back to school. Today. Gone. The house is so unbelievably quiet I can barely stand it. I may have to turn on some music to fill the void. Or write.

Maybe I'll write.

What are you doing, now that summer vacation has come to an end?


  1. I'm stewing, which is completely counter productive. I need to write, like you.

  2. As it turns out, this blog post was the only "writing" I got to. But it's a start ;-)

  3. I'm thinking about writing - someday! Just happy to have my laptop running again after my alarming tango with the BSOD last fun.

    Enjoy your space and the glorious sounds of silence - you deserve a little R&R now.



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