Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holiday Vacation Week....

I wish the whole week could be as peaceful as the first few hours of Sunday morning were. Kids still blissfully asleep. Dogs napping after an early morning snack. Sun rising, Coffee freshly brewed... No mess, No fuss, No noise...

As the 2011 holiday season draws to a close and 2012 fast approaches, here's wishing everyone finds a few peaceful moments this week.


  1. Peaceful moments playing computer games count?

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a few more peaceful moments before the new year. :-)

  3. Wonderful pictures! I'm a writer who grew up in Andover, MA, vacationed as a kid on the Cape, and now lives (though not for long) in Santa Fe, NM. I miss the Cape and dream of it so often. Hubby and I are hitting the road in an RV in 2012, and will spend some time in Truro next September. In the meantime, I shall follow you for my Cape Cod fix. Happy New Year.

  4. It is hard to return to reality. I am glad you had a peaceful holiday, Katie.


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