Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Girl Scouts Hit the Airwaves...

My Cadette Troop is learning about Media this year, and as part of the journey, we scheduled a visit to our local cable television station - Channel 18 in Harwich. Station Director Jill Mason welcomed them to her control room, and explained how some of the dials and gadgets work, and how some of the "magic" happens... and then...
 ...she took them into her Studio, to show them where most of the local access shows are taped, including "Community Journal."

The girls had fun seeing themselves on the live feed in front of the green screen as the director scrolled through a few background photos. They loved sitting behind the Anchor Desk. My daughter kept pitching her voice into cheesy news-mode and saying, "This is Chet Youbetcha..." (the news anchor from Fairly Oddparents, for those of you without kids...)

Then.... she asked if the girls would like to tape a REAL segment to air on this week's Community Journal.


 She clipped a microphone on each girl and told them to look at the camera with the red light on top. She went back to the control room, leaving me with the camera and headphones to cue the "talent" ....
The girls had a blast. After 3 takes, they did a pretty good job. They thanked the community for making their November blanket drive for the animal shelter a big success, and plugged their craft sale this Friday during the upcoming holiday stroll. They smiled. They had fun.

The segment will officially air on this week's Community Journal, Thursday at 6pm and 8pm and repeated over the weekend. The station manager already uploaded their entire segment to YouTube, including the "bloopers" that will be edited out for the cable show. Listen to all the giggling after the screen fades to black...

Tons of fun for the girls - if you have a scout group, I would definitely recommend checking out your local cable station. A star may be born ;-)

What was the highlight of your week?

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