Friday, May 11, 2012

An Award for Friday - Every Friday Should Get One!

Jaye Robin Brown over at Hanging on to Wonder has awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award.

The rules of this award are that I must tell you ten random and unknown facts about myself and then spread the love by passing on the award to more bloggers. So here goes.
  1. I hated the end of The Hunger Games so much I threw the book across the room. Hard. And then went to wake my son up so that he could read it. (The second book hadn't come out yet. Frustrating!)
  2. I don't really like Bill Murray, but Groundhog Day is one of my all-time favorite movies.
  3. I really do eat M&Ms with my coffee sometimes for breakfast. (It's not just a blogging thing!)
  4. One year our swimming pool cover was a vernal pool, and there were thousands of tadpoles. We tried to save as many as we could - we filled four kiddie pools!
  5. During college, the only times I ever set foot in the computer center was to visit a friend. I only used an electric typewriter for all my papers.
  6. I should never be the Cookie Mom for my Girl Scouts, because I end up eating way too many. Or wait, does that happen to everyone? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?
  7. I can't say I was ever "on tour" with the Grateful Dead, but I can think of a few occasions where I jumped in someone else's car (once I didn't even know the girl!) to travel to a Dead show without a plan or a ticket in hand. It all worked out well, but if my own daughter did that, I'd have a heart attack!
  8. My worst job ever was as a temp making cold calls for an office supply company. Kind of like working at Dunder Mifflin on The Office, except not as funny. Not funny at all.
  9. I always click on the Google icon when the image is something special for the day. Always.
  10. I can't decide whether to buy the latest Sookie Stackhouse (#12!) novel by Charlaine Harris beacuse the reviews I've read are not good. I guess I'm susceptible to reviews after all... I've read all the rest, though, so I think I'm going to have to buy it anyway!
Next, I must pick six of you to pass this award along to.... I've decided to choose 6 new bloggers I've met through April's A to Z challenge...

D.G. Hudson - Rainforest Writing

Siv Maria at Been there, Done that.

Jan Morrison - This Crazy Writing Life

and last but not least

baygirl 32 at that girl from around the bay

Technically, I started following baygirl during last year's A to Z, but she's such a great blogger and a great commenter that she deserves this award. (And doesn't already have it, either. I checked.)

So there you have it! Check out these bloggers if they're new to you! And thank you again to Jaye Robin Brown for adding me to her list of 6!

Okay, I'm off to buy the new Charlaine Harris book for my Nook to read this weekend. Yeah, I've been thinking about it since I typed that last factoid and can't get it out of my head. What is everyone else reading these days? (Besides 50 Shades of Grey)

Have a great weekend, whatever you do!


  1. oh those cold call jobs are the worst--i had a couple of those too--and you don't want to know my story about the grateful dead!---when is the deadline for the award--can i do it monday--and thanks!

    1. Hi, Lynn - oh yes, I do want to hear your dead story ;-)

      There's no deadline to post - it took me a week to post after Jaye tagged me, so whenever it works into your blogging schedule is great ;-)

  2. I read the reviews for 50 Shades of Grey, if that counts. :) Thanks for the award!!! I will post about it on Monday. Let us know how you do/don't like Sookie!

    1. You're very welcome - and I'll be sure to post next week about the new Sookie book. My husband is going fishing tonight with a buddy, so I figure I have a riday night of wine and book to look forward to!

  3. Always fun to read these facts. Thanks for the award. I have been meaning to read those to read list is getting so long :/

    1. If you mean the Charlaine Harris books, I would definitely recommend the first several as great reads. You do need to read them in order, though, as they build on each other and are much different from the series. As in, they kill off characters in the books that are still on the show, and have characters in the books that never made it on screen for one reason or another.

      Great beach reads or summer by the pool books ;-)

  4. Thanks KatieO, for the Kreativ Blogger Award, I will tend to that in my next post, or as soon as I can. Interesting trivia about yourself, too.

    I've done the cold calling, I disliked it. You need an outgoing frame of mind to enjoy it.

    Now, I've got to think about what I can reveal. I'll be sure to mention the nice blogger who sent me the award.

  5. Thank you muchly!

    I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey (but intend to) I'm too wrapped up in getting through Game of Thrones series (start book 3 today) .

    1. LOVED the Game of Thrones series - my only complaint is that he's a slow writer - I'm having trouble waiting for the next installment! My middle son started the series first, and then my oldest, and then finally I read them - and now the two of them are rereading them...

      I did start the Sookie Stackhouse book last night and am 2/3 through. It's not as back as PW led me to believe, but they were right in that you HAVE to have read the other 11 books to understand what's going on here.

      And you're very welcome - you deserve awards ;-)

  6. Congratulations! And I know most of the bloggers you passed the award to - excellent choices.


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