Friday, June 22, 2012

Check Out the Summer Issue of CapeWomenOnline

Photograph by Amy Riley
Painted Light Photography

The Summer 2012 Issue of CapeWomenOnline is available now at
and is chock-full of interesting stories to make you smile, think, and get up out of your beach chair to see some great events. Seven sections plus event and class listings, all for your reading pleasure.

Our Literary Women section is especially full with great articles. Nicole Bouchard from the Write Place at the Write Time Literary Journal gives part one of her advice for new authors (part two will come in the fall.) Candace Hammond, Joan Walsh and Anne Sessions Barber share their stories of bringing their books to life, and Yvonne deSousa has a few book recommendations for us.

The article I researched and wrote for this issue was on The Last Gasp fundraiser - a full-day, 62-mile bike ride, boat ride and clambake, which is one of the premier fundraising events on Cape Cod each year. I was truly inspired by the women (and men) who make this trek... I personally prefer using the bike trail at a more leisurely pace, with one of my dogs towing me along if possible!

Another cool story is by Diane Kovanda, a local yoga instructor whose students gave her the gift of bees - there's even a short video of the bees arriving at her yard.

And in the category of I learn something new every issue... we have an article about local folksy artist Elizabeth Mumford  - - I've loved her whimsical style for years, and never knew that our web designer, Jane, was friends with her! Jane spent the day with her recently and I love this interview!

Check it out - and Happy Summer!

P.S. Oh and By the Way.... if you're not a "subscriber" to our free magazine, please enter your email in the subscriber box at the top of the page. We're actively working this summer to up our subscriber numbers - and even though we know tons more people read the magazine than "subscribe" - our advertisers want to look at those numbers, too. By entering your email address, you'll receive notifications of new issues (5 times a year) and a few important notices of CapeWomen events and special calls for submissions.


  1. Sounds great - I'm on my way over there now to check it out!

    Have a great weekend =)

  2. Sounds like a very interesting issue!


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