Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Days Can Still Be Sunny...

We used to have a large pool toy that the kids could crawl inside of to float around. That particular summer, though, we had more rainy days than sunny ones. I tried not to let it slow us down, so we got creative. (If you've had your kids stuck inside during summer vacation, you understand. There are only so many board games you can play in a row!)

It turned out that swimming in the rain could be a lot of fun.

They used the pool float to "stay dry" (as if they weren't already in a bathing suit, in a pool....) Keeping the rain off their faces seemed to make the difference between fun and not so fun, sun or no sun.

Today is one of those rainy days. It's warm enough out, and there's no thunder, but the rain is pretty constant. But there is still a lot to be happy about...

My eighth grader headed off with his class on their end-of-year trip to New York City this morning, and despite the rain today, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful for their big boat trip to Ellis Island and their semi-formal Dinner Dance Cruise in New York Harbor. (Keeping my fingers crossed that someone takes good pics of him in his blue blazer!)

My high schooler has his first day of finals today - the end of the school year is here!

My youngest finished her last project - a paper mache diorama of an opossum - and took it with her in to school this morning - again, countdown to the end of a long and torturous sixth grade year!

And... I have some Big Book News brewing.... I'm not quite ready to share it yet, but *hopefully* by Friday I'll have an announcement to make!

So despite the rain, things here are looking sunny. What keeps you optimistic when the weather tries to wear you down?


  1. I have summer grandkids, who go home to other counties at the end of summer. One year they struggled to make a water slide, pouring glass fulls of water down the slide to make it slippery. The next day it rained. They went out in bathing suits to use the water slide.

  2. When we were kids, we used to love to go puddle stomping in the summer rain, barefoot of course!

  3. I'll be back tomorrow to see the news!


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