Friday, June 1, 2012

Odd Couples

Is it strange to think that one of Puppy's best friends - dare I say her boyfriend? - is not even a third of her size?

Puppy always liked Forrest the Pug. His owner and I walk our dogs together at least 3 times a week. But when he stayed here for a few weeks they really bonded. And then Puppy stayed at their house for a week while we were in Florida.

Are they an unlikely couple? Definitely.

But is it that unusual to be drawn to someone so different from yourself? Maybe not.

Think of some couples from books you've read lately. Are the male and female leads alike? Or are they different? Are they drawn to each other because of  or  in spite of  their differences?

How many times are the heroes and heroines we read about from different sides of the track, from different classes/stations in life, or literally from different worlds? Why do we like reading this kind of tale?

Puppy can't tell me why she likes Forrest - I just know that she does.


  1. that is so cute--i think maybe with mates we tend to choose someone opposite but maybe with friends it's someone more like us

    1. I hadn't thought about friends in this context - I do think you're right, that when we choose friends we find people we have a lot in common with.

  2. They are an adorable odd couple. I think opposites sometimes have a lot to offer each other.


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