Saturday, April 27, 2013

Planning a Blog Tour and You Are Invited!

My fabulous daughter created this fabulous badge for my upcoming new release and blog tour - I'm so excited about the font she found, and how well it goes with the book and the whole "splash" theme! So cool, right?! I am so lucky to have family who can create such wonderful things!

Speaking of family, I've got lots of my fellow authors at Crescent Moon Press all signed up to host me on their blogs and pimp me out on their Facebook pages, and will be posting a full list soon of where and when and what I will be doing on this blog tour - as well as prizes that I'll be giving away. And yes, I will be attempting to finally master the Rafflecopter genie.

What about you? Do you need more guests this spring? Do you want to be a part of my Splash Into Summer tour?

AWESOME!!! Leave me a message in the comments, or Facebook me, or send me an email - I'll be happy to add you to the Official Splash Into Summer Tour - and you get to post this fabulous badge on your blog, too!!

Winter was really really long this year - and Spring has been a mixed bag of weather for sure. I think we're all ready to SPLASH INTO SUMMER really soon - and you're totally invited to join in the fun!

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