Saturday, July 19, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Smile this Summer....

1. Enjoy the simple pleasures of Nature. (Sunsets are free.)

2. Visit a local farm or farmstand. Nothing beats fresh, local food.
(The farmers will thank you, your family will thank you 
and your body will thank you!)
3. Explore New Places.
4. Do something Crazy.
5. Devour a Good Book.
(Silly puppy! Then again... maybe just read it!)

* ~ * ~ *~ * ~ *

For a perfect beach read, check out my latest books - MY KIND OF CRAZY has its world release in ELEVEN DAYS! 


  1. Did the puppy in #3 do that in #5?

    1. Yes.... she had a taste for books for a while there. Good taste, mostly...The Help, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and an illustrated coffee table book of classic rock songs, where - no lie - she ripped out the pages of Elvis's "Hound Dog" and left them all over the living room.

  2. One of my dogs went through a book stage.
    That is such a cute dog you have.


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