Thursday, August 14, 2014

Counting Down the Days of Summer

Mid-August can be bittersweet to some - summer is almost over and school looms on the horizon. For some, classes have already started this week. For my oldest child, the new school year began just a week after high school graduation, back in June.

He's attending college at the United States Air Force Academy, and has spent the summer undergoing Basic Training, getting prepared for the Academy lifestyle.
Last week, Basic ended and the new cadets earned their first shoulder boards. Yesterday, academic classes began for the fall semester. His summer is over.

I'm still counting down the last days of August until Parents Weekend, when we will fly out and see him. Looking forward to hearing all his stories and seeing his smiling face in person.

Until then, I'll be busy enjoying the last days of summer vacation with my other kids - and getting them ready for back-to-school.

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