Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Feature: Every Ornament Tells a Story

 If you're like me, your tree probably reflects a little more about you (and your family) than you realize. Whether it's because your mom gifted you the same ornament a few years in a row, or you've saved every ornament your kids ever made, or you collect ornaments with a certain theme (umm, like my mermaids?) ...well, you know what I mean.

 I can look at just about every ornament and tell you where it came from, and/or who made it, and/or who gifted it to me... and why it's special.

The starfish above? That was from when my husband and I took our first (and only) trip to Hawaii. The glittery shells above it? Collected by a friend on my beach and returned to me six months later decorated and all glittered up as a gift. I think of her when I hang them every year.

What stories do your ornaments tell?

Merry Christmas!

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