Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Writing Wednesday: Pay It Forward

I don't really have time to rant today, believe it or not, because I spent his morning's rant-time actually  >gasp<  writing! This summer took more dips and twists than a roller coaster on steroids, throwing all my best laid plans right over the cliff.

And yet.

Even though I had to cancel a few book events, and had a few really slow events, I had one awesome signing at the pirate museum that restored some of my faith in readers. And I received a few bits of much needed praise for my writing that helped propel me forward.

So I'm chugging toward another finish line. Finally.

I know I've said this before in a more rant-y and perhaps negative way, but authors need encouragement like flowers need to be watered. We don't thrive without it.

If you're reading this post, I want you to think about the last book you read that made you smile. That touched your heart in some way.

Pay it forward. Leaving reviews or writing emails to the author is one way, but there are other ways to spread the love:

*  Mention the book and/or the author on Facebook/Twitter/Tumbler.
*  Recommend the book to a friend.
*  Give a copy of the book as a gift.
*  Donate a copy - or copies - of the book to your local library.
*  Donate a copy - or copies - of a middle grade / young adult title to your child's classroom.

Reviews are awesome. But there are other ways to share the love of reading, and in particular, pay it forward for an author who stirs your emotions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, err, my desk - Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard.

Happy Writing (and Reading) to all!


  1. Great advice as usual. So cool that your book was found organically out in the library in Colorado Springs!
    I definitely donate books I've enjoyed if I can part with them. I' gift books especially to one friend I know who shares my taste in romance Authors.

    1. I swap books with my sisters, my sister-in-laws, friends... and we donate to the library as well. Only so much room on our shelves, unfortunately, so when my youngest grew out of Meg Cabot the library was thrilled to add more copies to their collection!

  2. Great idea's Katie! I donate books to my library, if I can part with them. I love books. Thanks for sharing!


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