Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Writing Wednesday: Taking Time to Enjoy the Holidays

Happy Holidays to All!

My family has been slowly invading my home all month long - returning from college, staying over for weekend long holiday parties, and now my dad arrives tomorrow for a week long visit. Fitting in blogging is just not going to work out, so instead of stressing over not posting, I'm proactively making the decision that I won't be posting again until after the New Year.

2018 can't get here soon enough.

Oh, I know I've got a lot of big changes coming my way in the coming year - including my oldest graduating from college, my youngest graduating from high school and leaving home for college -  but this past year has been filled with frustrations on personal, community and national levels and I'm more than ready to be done with it all.

How about you? All set for the upcoming holidays? Ready to be done with 2017? Looking forward to anything big in 2018? Whatever your plans, I hope you enjoy the next few weeks and see you next year!

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