Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday Book Review: After Hurricane Nina: Reed's Resolution, by Natalie Ann

After Hurricane Nina: Reed's Resolution, by Natalie Ann
Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection, Book 1
Published January 1, 2019

About the Book:
Eight Strangers. Eight Unique Stories. All Stand-alone Novels.

On November 30, 2016, Hurricane Nina hit Bali, Indonesia. In the aftermath of death and destruction, eight strong sexy men will realize it’s time for a change in their lives. A resolution of sorts. A contractor, personal trainer, a millionaire, a stuntman, a rock star, a thrill-seeker, an army veteran, and a trust fund prodigal will all find a way to conquer their loss and learn to love. This is Reed’s story.

Resolution: To be the man he used to be. To find a way to be happy once again.

Reed Chapman thought he had the perfect life. A beautiful fiancée and a successful business. When tragedy struck, his perfect world imploded like the Titanic hitting the iceberg, making him realize his life had been anything but wonderful. Though his business is still thriving, his personal life and outlook on women are still sinking deep to the ocean floor with no life vests in sight.

Taylor Winston never had much in life so when prince charming entered her life, she figured she had it made. She thought wrong. Now she’s a single mother relocating so that she doesn’t lose custody of her daughter. The last thing she has time for in her life is a man. Then why is her new sexy boss popping into her dreams so frequently and unexpectedly, making her wonder why she’d even consider accepting the proposition he so neatly laid out for her?

My Take:

Hunky contractor Reed is disillusioned by love, after finding out in a publicly humiliating way that his fiance cheated on him. The result? Women are not to be trusted for anything more than a one-night stand.

Except... now there's a new woman in his office stirring all kinds of feelings he's not sure he can ignore. Luckily, she's as jaded as he is to the idea of relationships. The pair slowly become friends, then friends with benefit, but as things progress they both want more. Can they let down the walls they've built around their hearts to let each other in? Learning to trust again might be the hardest thing to do....

Fast-paced, fun read that kept me turning pages as fast as my iPad would go. Will be looking for more books from this author.

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