Tuesday, February 26, 2019

RELEASE DAY! Quinn's Resolution is Available TODAY!

***** Cue the confetti and champagne!!***** 

is now available on AMAZON for your Kindle!

And while I love all the stories in this collection (8 standalone romances by 8 talented authors) I have to admit I'm kind of partial to Quinn's story and his tale of tragedy and redemption.

Here's the short blurb:
Quinn MacDonald had it made. With a record label deal and their first single skyrocketing up the charts, his indie punk band is finally getting a taste of rock and roll fame. Bikini-clad women and bottomless bottles of booze fill endless days… until their hotel collapses during a hurricane. He’s still under contract but as far as he’s concerned, the music died along with the rest of his band.

Life has never been easy for Phoebe Snow. Working three minimum wage jobs barely keeps a roof over her head while she and her band struggle to get noticed. But on stage, nothing matters but the music in her heart. When her band plays a cover of one of his hits, Quinn is blown away. Can Phoebe be the inspiration he needs for more than just writing songs? 
 I'm excited to share Quinn's story with my readers - and hope you fall in love with him as much as I did! My beta readers said great things, and I'm hoping reviewers will as well. I'd keep my fingers crossed but that's hard to do while pouring champagne... don't want to spill any more than I already will!

Just know that I can't stop smiling! 

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