Monday, February 11, 2019

Taking TIme Away ~ and then the "Jiggitty Jig" part of the song...

Hey there, it's me.

Yeah, it's been over a month since I last updated this blog.

I'd like to say I was away doing fabulous things and having marvelous adventures, but the reality was nowhere near as exciting. I knew the holidays would be hectic and filled to the brim with chaos and company and craziness... so I set up everything (posts, guests, promo) well in advance. And then pressed the "GO" button. And the blog chugged along through November and December so smoothly... ending with Peggy Jaeger's beautiful post on the theme of forgiveness on December 26th.

And then things ground to a halt.

For the last month and a half, I've felt like that little dog in the photograph - barely keeping my head above the waterline. And I'm not sure why except that I've been busy with work and on deadline for my next book.

And last night I typed those magical words, THE END. And suddenly there is light again and I can ee the path ahead.
So bear with me as I get my writing life better sorted and into a groove, and start posting reviews again and writing rants and excerpts and guest spots... and maybe next year I'll tell you before going on hiatus so you don't worry as much.

In the meantime, my latest story releases in 16 days (!!!!!) It's on preorder now for 99 cents, and is part of a series by 8 authors about 8 hunks whose lives were touched by tragedy, and each has to find their way past their grief. My story is about Quinn MacDonald, a rock musician who loses the rest of his band in the disaster. He thinks the music in his soul died with his band, but can a sassy NYC bartender help him find his way back? I'm really excited about this story -- it's a little different than my past books in that the characters are slightly younger (mid-twenties) and both musicians (I've never written a rock-n-roll character before.) And there's a bit more sex than my previous romances... we'll have to see what readers think!
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