Thursday, August 4, 2022

BookBub promos, Kindle Unlimited, and Kindles on sale...


Hey there! No, this isn't really a post about my books in particular, but more like I was thinking about books in general, and buying books on sale or reading them for free on KU. Yeah, you pay Amazon for the KU membership, but did you ever think about how authors get compensated? And how small authors like myself kinda get screwed by the business model?

Yes, I've had my books available through Kindle Unlimited to find new readers. But in terms of number of page reads, I can't even begin to compete with the bestselling authors out there - yes, I get great numbers of new readers, but Amazon compensates on percentages not per pages. And I look at the page numbers and say YAY! and look at the royalties and say REALLY? That's it??

I like the idea - I really do. KU and free BookBub promos and #99cent deals help readers find new authors they like. I've found plenty of new authors using these methods. But you know what? Once I decide I love a new author - like Pippa Grant, like Claire Kingsley, like Lucy Score, like Penny Reid, like Claire Marti, like Toni Anderson, like Peggy Jaeger ... I go and BUY THEIR BOOKS at full price. Not the one I already read, but ALL THE REST. I PREORDER THEIR NEW BOOKS.

I don't KU them. I don't return them to Amazon after reading (don't get me started on that can of worms). I don't wait for the next sale. 


Authors work hard on crafting the best stories we can, and deserve to be compensated for the angst and tears they shed over their keyboards. So I've decided to remove my books from KU. At least for now. 

So I apologize if you're an avid reader and get all my books on KU. But maybe consider buying them outright, and not giving Amazon all the money. 

Okay, rant over. Go find a new beach read. 

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