Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Cape Cod Weather Today: At the moment it's dark and 35 degrees. But yesterday! Can I wax poetic a moment about yesterday... ! Sunny! Almost 50 degrees! ALmost t-shirt weather! Great for raking and yard work weather! What a nice day. Last year we had so many of those all spring I took them for granted... Not this Year, the year of the wet and yucky. This year I'm appreciating every drop of sunshine we get. Yeah, spring!

Last night I was going through the backpacks, emptying out the papers, notices and yesterday's lunchboxes. I opened my daughters, and called her into the room. She was eating the bag of potato chips I'd packed that morning.

Me: You didn't eat much of your lunch.

Her: I'm eating it now, see? (shakes bag of chips in front of her face for better visual, because, you know, us old people are all blind. And deaf.)

Me: (with sarcastic inflection) I see you did manage to eat your cupcake.

Her: It was a cupcake. Hello? (where do they get these things at 8?)

Me: (folded my hands across my chest and gave her the Mommy Look)

Her: But the boy sitting next to me? He had the school lunch and it was kinda gross and slimy.

Me: Did he eat all his lunch?

Her: Yeah, he's a boy. (she rolled her eyes) But he didn't like it and he said I was lucky.

Me: Lucky? To not have to eat your lunch?

Her: To have a mom who packs cupcakes in my lunchbox. Thanks, Mom. You're the best. (big smile, and shoves a handful of chips in her mouth as she runs back into the t.v. room.)

* * * * * *
May all your April surprises be nice ones!

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