Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On Rejections...

Advice on Rejection from Sasha Knight, editor at Samhain Press:

"... No one wants to be rejected, but it is a step pretty much every author
takes. A rejection is only a stopping point in the publication journey if
you, the writer, choose to let it be. If you're lucky enough to receive
feedback, both on your strengths and your weaknesses, learn from it. And
that's not to say every bit of feedback you receive will be right for your
book. Over your writing career you'll get conflicting feedback and opinions.
Deciding what feedback works for you and your books is part of the learning

As in life, there is no easy answer in publishing. No one way to do things
to get that contract. What you have to do is write. Polish. Write some more.
Learn. Grow. Strive to be the best you can be."

* * * *

I've just sent out two more queries today. Hoping to move along on the writer's journey, past rejection into the land of agented writers....

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