Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Locks for Love

Cape Cod Weather Today: <the rain found us again. let's all be quiet and maybe it'll go away>

My daughter got a haircut yesterday. She had reallllly long hair, and decided it would be easier to care for at summer camp if it was short (mommy helped her come to that conclusion...)

She thought she'd get 8 inches or so taken off. She stood in front of the mirror with a ruler, measuring... I said, "I think if you go shorter you can donate it..."

We went online to to see what the requirements are. At least 10 inches of clean, dry undamaged hair, tied in a braid or ponytail. We looked at photos of the kids who are helped by this organization. They collect hair to make wigs for children, most of whom are undergoing chemotherapy.

She decided to go for it.

That's her ponytail in the bag. We're sending it off to Florida today. She's thrilled to be helping other kids, and I'm even more thrilled that she can comb her hair by herself now (without mommy and without the tears.) A win-win all the way around.

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  1. Awesome! You could donate your hair too Katie! :)


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