Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer warms up

Cape Cod Weather Today: Sunny with blue skies! It's only 53 degrees out at the moment, but it's supposed to warm into the 70s today. It never got out of the 60s yesterday, and I never got out of my sweater...and Wednesday I had on a fleece blanket at the beach in the greyness while my children had swimming lessons...but that is all behind us now! Sun and Warmth predicted for the next two days in a row! I'll take it!!!

The pool switches on automatically in the morning, and I just realized that's the sound that wakes the dogs up. They want to come check who's outside, because the bubbling of the jets sounds like it could be a swimmer.

I need to readjust the timer.

I've barely thought about the pool this summer - I try to remember to put in the chlorine each Monday, but it's been so cold and rainy, I haven't had to check water levels or test the water or anything, because we just aren't using it. The kids jump in and out again within ten minutes. On Sunday, they spent more time in there with their cousins, but all their lips were blue at the end.
The new pool toy in the photo has barely seen any use. Hasn't been a single fight over it yet, and it's a cool toy.

I haven't been in the water yet; it needs to be a lot warmer to justify my swimsuit coming out of the, hot. Steamy. Sweaty weather, not sweater weather.

Another mom at the swimming lesson lake yesterday apologized as she shimmied out of her sweatpants to reveal a Speedo suit and blindingly ultra-white thighs. "I just want to get a little color on them," she explained, as I pulled my sweater down over my own pale knees to try to stay warm. She was much braver than I, but maybe she has pneumonia today. Who knows?

My oldest had a beach party to attend last night; the junior yacht club kids went out to Marconi Beach to have a bonfire and cookout. He wanted to go in shorts and tee. I made him wear jeans and bring a thick sweatshirt ("oh, mo-o-o-o-m," he protested). He was glad when the sun went down. As I sat in the parking lot at 10:45 pm waiting for the chaperones to return with the kids, the thermometer in the car dipped well below 50 degrees. This is July?

Maybe July will start today. Summer Sun and Warm Breezes! And stick around for a while. But in the meantime, I'd better call my parents and remind them to bring lots of warm clothing when they visit next week. More than one sweatshirt. Maybe a fleece jacket. Gloves? Hat?

Just in case.


  1. A bottle of self tanner can help that blinding whiteness....


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