Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puppy Fishes with the Kids

Now that she's conquered her fear of the big jetty, Puppy couldn't wait to go out with the whole family on a fishing excursion. Early evening is a great time to fish - especially when the weather cooperates.

Puppy hesitated a few times, before jumping over some of the larger spaces between the boulders. Then she decided her favorite thing was to run back and forth between the beach and the kids with the fishing rods.

Big Dog and I followed her back and forth as she made her way to and from the fishermen. Luckily, we were the only people fishing on the jetty that day....
Puppy liked to watch as the kids fiddled with the lures, took seaweed off their lines, and cast out into the ocean.
Puppy didn't understand my daughter's fascination with snails. "They're just smelly rocks," she probably thought. "Where are the tasty spider crabs?" Luckily, we didn't hook any of those!
My daughter did manage to hook a "schoolie," a young Striped Bass for those not in the know. Not long enough to keep, but big enough to put up a good fight. Puppy thought the process was interesting only because the rest of us were so focused on it.

The fish itself? Not so interested.
All in all, Puppy had a wonderful evening. Hanging with the family, running back and forth, acting like a Big Dog. She loved it all.

And slept very very soundly that night.

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