Monday, May 17, 2010

Puppy Goes Fishing

Puppy has been trying to get up on the jetties ever since her first beach walk. Somehow, she knew there was fun to be had if she could only make it up on top of those big rocks. After all, the Big Dog jumped right up there. If the Big Dog was doing it, it had to be fun.

The jetty down along the river is tough; it's old and the rocks at the bottom are all pretty big. But the short jetty is fairly new, and Puppy finally found a spot where she could make it up.

Note the look of triumph on her face as she turned to say, "Look at me, Mom! I did it!" She then proceeded to turn around and get her back legs stuck in a large space in between two of the rocks. She struggled for a moment and looked back in my direction.

As soon as she saw that I had dropped the leashes and was headed toward her, she stopped struggling and just waited for me to help her. When I reached her, I grabbed the extra skin on her hind quarters and lifted her back legs up out of the crack and onto the rocks. She spared me a quick smile, then scampered off, not phased in the least.

She'd figured out the one pitfall of the jetty - stay out of the cracks. And she didn't fall again in her hurry to reach Big Dog and the Fisherman.

Puppy was very full of herself when she finally got out there. Every time he cast the bait, she watched and waited, keeping an eye on the line. She thought she was helping, and that she was integral to his fishing efforts.

He didn't dissuade her from this way of thinking.

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